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Global Climate Strike tomorrow- call Newsom to sign SB 1 into law!

Dear friends, Thank you for turning out to last week’s youth led, intergenerational #GlobalClimateStrike. Turn out exceeded our expectations as we saw thousands of Angelenos leave class and work to shut down business as usual to elevate the global climate emergency! This week, our momentum building work continues! We hope to see you at the Global Climate Strike at the Brazilian Consulate on Friday!

Your SoCal #GlobalClimateStrike Event Guide and Toolkit

Dear friends, Below, we’ve provided some visuals that can be shared  both online and offline. SoCal 350 is a member of the Last Chance Alliance, an international alliance of over 700 organization raising pressure on California elected representatives to meet the following demands:
  • STOP issuing new oil drilling permits.
  • DROP existing oil production (which includes banning the importation of crude extracted from the Western Amazon, which currently enters through our ports).

Meeting Notes 6/23/19

Minutes of the Meeting So Cal 350 Climate Action 06/23/19   3:00-5:00 pm St. Athanasius Church 840 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA Our Mission Statement:  To organize, activate, and engage across class, gender, racial, and ethnic lines to build a mass movement across Southern California for a healthy climate and a 100% clean energy future with full employment.

MMIW 2019 Raising Awareness on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Relatives

  May 6th, 2019 #NoMoreStolenSisters #NoMoreStolenRelatives #DIVEST The Coalition of Women Water Protectors organized a prayerful action in Hollywood,CA to raise awareness on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives on May 6th. Members collaboratively wrote letters to Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo denouncing their increasing investment in the fossil fuels industries despite the #NODAPL protests.

Protect Los Angeles County Tejon Ranch Ecosystem from Corporate Development!

Tejon Ranch Centennial Specific Plan (or Centennial) is a massive planned city in a unique, rare, fire-prone wilderness of grasslands and mountains, a residential and commercial development in LA County. The Board of Supervisors will be deciding the fate of this incredible resource, and people are encouraged to speak out via the petition, calling their representative (numbers and talking points below), or showing up at the hearing in Downtown Los Angeles on December 11.