tar sands, West Coast oil invasion

West Coast Oil Invasion

Multinational oil conglomerates aim to expand Los Angeles oil refinery operations with extreme crude oils including the Canadian tar sands, the North Dakota Bakken shale oil, and imports from the Amazon basin and Africa. These refineries put our air, water and neighborhoods at great risk. See how we’re taking action to oppose this here.



solar power, clean energy

The Great Turning to Renewable Energy

Discover the Clean Energy Movement encouraging renewables through legislation, increased funding, support for Community Choice Power and a just transition to clean energy. Join our efforts alongside a major coalition of community partners to fight for SB 100, calling for 100% renewables in California, here.



End Neighborhood Drilling - Protest with STAND LA

Stop Neighborhood Drilling in L.A. and Beyond

Urban oil drilling in Los Angeles threatens the health and safety of families throughout the City. From South L.A. to Beverly Hills, communities are taking a stand to end oil drilling near homes, schools and hospitals. See how we’re working with the STAND-LA Coalition to end neighborhood drilling here.



Glendale Grayson power plant environmental impacts

No Glendale Gas Plant!

As the City of Glendale looks to “repower” its aging natural gas Grayson power plant, the surrounding community is fighting to stop the CEQA process and commission independent experts to assess zero carbon alternatives. Join the fight here.




Aliso Canyon Protest

Close Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility

Since October 2015’s Aliso Canyon gas leak, SoCal 350 has worked with the Save Porter Ranch and Food & Water Watch campaign to shut down the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage facility. After ongoing leaks and the lack of accountability from corporate and governmental entities in responding to community health and safety concerns, help us Save Porter Ranch here.


The Water Tunnels

As Governor Brown looks to build two tunnels to bring water from the Sacramento delta down to industrial farming in the Central Valley, So Cal would foot the bill without receiving the water, while potentially causing devastation to the San Francisco Bay-Sacramento delta estuaries. Join our efforts to overhaul the state’s water management systems here.



No Dakota Access Pipeline, Los Angeles, SoCal 350

Fossil Fuel Resistance

SoCal350 joins the Fossil Fuel Resistance working for a rapid and just transition away from all fossil fuel drilling, pipeline construction, rail and shipping infrastructure, refinery expansions and exportation schemes. See our actions to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, implement fracking bans, resist the expansion of oil refineries, shut down a natural gas facility, and support the indigenous community fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline here.



LA River, bomb train

Stop Oil Trains

A campaign that says “No!” to bomb trains. The transport of unconventional crude oil by rail is dangerous, bad for the climate, and directly affects people’s lives. See what we’re doing to stop the expansion of refinery crude by rail operation here.



Fossil fuel divestment, Los Angeles, Wells Fargo

Fossil Fuel Divestment

Systematically ridding investments in the fossil fuel industry. SoCal 350 Climate Action works with Fossil Free LA on divestment successes to match LA’s climate leadership reputation.  Securing divestment commitments from our local pension funds and the LA City’s investment portfolio would help achieve this goal. Click here for more info.