SoCal350 is committed to energizing and empowering Southern California communities to fight climate change and advocate for 100 percent clean and renewable energy. We started out as a coalition of individuals over 100 community, political, environmental, labor, and faith groups, and have now grown into a committed coming together of individuals, welcoming new members every month to join us. We organize actions, participate in community, art, political, and social gatherings, and encourage people to get active in the community. We have monthly meetings in via ZOOM on the first Sunday of every month from 3 to 5 pm. If you have interest in attending, please email socalclimateaction[at]

We have recently formed committees, which include Legislative, Media and Communications, Actions and Art, Environmental Justice, Education, and Recruitment. Come to our meetings and find out how to join in!


We have organized a Steering Committee to help guide our shared Vision & Mission here in Los Angeles.

Jack Eidt (Executive Director, Co-Founder)

Ronni Solman (Volunteer Coordinator, Co-Founder)

Mark Morris

Rhonda Plank-Richard

Kristy Pace

Lydia Ponce (Community Engagement Director)

Anna Pearson


Previous Steering Committee Members:

Jessica Aldridge (Co-Founder)

Sabina Virgo

Walker Foley

Leah Garland

Alissa Kirby

Sherry Lear (Co-Founder)

Spike Lewis (Co-Founder)

Kent Minault

Timothy Murphy

We can always be contacted via email at socalclimateaction[at]


SoCal 350 participates in a legislative coalition of groups in Southern California to track climate-related bills in the state legislature. The coalition offers training, organizes meetings with legislators, and publicizes information about critical bills.

Our goal is to empower citizen lobbyists to promote legislative action on climate change and a just transition that protects impacted workers and communities. By sharing our voice with legislators who typically engage with special interest lobbyists, we take collective action and participate in the democratic process.

If you’re interested in joining this committee, reach out to the Committee coordinator, Sherry Lear at We hold meetings via Zoom every other Thursday at 7:00 p.m. to coordinate our work and communicate in between meetings via Google Groups.

Click HERE to join the Facebook Group.

For additional information on our 2022 legislative priorities, visit 350 South Bay Los Angeles.