We will utilize community protocols to create and maintain a safe space that operates for a collective agreement. We will operate from a foundation of respect and gratitude. We, at SoCal 350, agree to these protocols as guidelines to achieve inclusive community representation. With respect and consideration for diversity, our collective trauma, self-awareness, self-inventory for healing and communal growth.

We will prioritize and center impacted Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+, and frontline communities.

We will not tolerate –ism behavior such as racism, able-ism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia, sex-gender expression/identity, and ageism. We expect all to be accountable for their actions and their words.

We will work together to liberate people! As active listeners, with compassion, we will support our community as we organize and share educational tools and information. We will acknowledge historical oppression and commit to not repeat marginalization in our genuine collective work.

When we have silence stemming from entitlement, patriarchal, colonial settler, and white fragility mindsets, this is considered an act of oppression.

For example: A new member is not following our community protocols by projecting –ism behavior, talking over the frontline voices, minimizing the BIPOC sharing, monopolizing the meeting, and disrupting our communal space.
This is the time to interject and SPEAK UP! Do not be silent!

We will utilize these community protocols to unlearn and learn new ways of communicating, building allyship, and mobilizing to redefine our shared safe space.

We will encourage uplifting voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+, and frontline communities, and we will continue to adhere to their needs in our collective SoCal350 community space.