SoCal 350 Climate Action energizes and empowers Southern California communities to seek solutions with a local, regional, and global reach to confront the dawning climate emergency happening everywhere.

Our Vision

We envision equitable clean air and water and a stable climate through a fossil-fuel-free future, empowering our Southern California communities to join together for environmental, social, and economic justice.

Our Mission

To organize, activate, and engage across class, gender, racial, and ethnic lines to build a mass movement across Southern California for a healthy climate and a 100% clean energy future with full employment.

We organize actions, participate in community, art, political, and social gatherings, and encourage people to get active in the community.

We are based in metropolitan Los Angeles affiliated with the international climate change organization,

Our History

SoCal 350 Climate Action formed as a coalition between over 100 groups in the Southern California region coming together to fight climate change at the Forward on Climate Rally and March in 2013. This was the first time such a wide array of environmental, humanitarian, religious, political, labor, civil rights, student, and community organizations came together in Los Angeles to demand action on climate change. Thereafter, the coalition decided to affiliate with the international climate change organization

For a full listing of our actions since we formed in 2013, CLICK HERE!

SoCal 350 Climate Action