Fossil Fuel Resistance works for a rapid and just transition away from all fossil fuel drilling, pipeline construction, rail and shipping infrastructure, refinery expansions, and exportation schemes. We have the technology and natural resources necessary to engage in a just transition to clean energy now. The only obstacle is an industry that uses past profits from fossil fuels now undergoing rapid depletion, to expand to extreme and highly toxic and greenhouse gas intensive sources such as shale oil and tar sands crude. These efforts employ extreme technology such as hydraulic fracturing, cyclic steam injection, acidization, and a whole host of other destructive techniques.

Dakota Access Pipeline, Vasil Woodland

Kill the Black Snake – from Vasil Woodland

Leading the SoCal Climate Action Coalition

SoCal 350 led a coalition of over one hundred groups from throughout the region to help stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. We also put out a call to action from our coalition members to local, regional, state and federal elected representatives and governmental decision makers on how to solve the climate crisis. SoCal 350 also played an active role in stopping the expansion of the Valero refinery in Wilmington to include tar sands hauling oil trains.

Furthermore, SoCal 350 continues to work with allies to implement fracking bans in counties and cities throughout California, and to advocate for a statewide ban. We have mobilized for marches and demonstrations in Sacramento, Oakland, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, and Santa Barbara.

SoCal 350 has also worked with coalition members to call for the shut down of the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility near Porter Ranch in the San Fernando Valley, responsible for the worst methane-spouting environmental disaster in the history of the United States.

SoCal 350 has also joined local environmental justice and community groups to stop the rapid expansion of refineries and other infrastructure, mostly focused in the Los Angeles Harbor Area. In particular, the integration and expansion of the Tesoro and BP refineries in the Carson/Wilmington area has been a focus.

On February 3, 2018, we joined hundreds of concerned residents — as well as communities across the coast — in a statewide day of action against the Trump administration’s offshore leasing plan.

And right now, SoCal 350 is working to support the indigenous community from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, another scheme to carry fracked shale oil from the Bakken fields of North Dakota, all the way to Illinois, where it will make the journey to the Gulf Coast and exported to the world.

Here are our last two press releases for our Los Angeles area #NoDAPL solidarity actions. 7 September 2016 Action12 September Action

Fossil Fuel Resistance fights the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure by working against the drilling, transporting, refining, and exporting of fossil fuels.

No Dakota Access Pipeline, Los Angeles, SoCal 350

No Dakota Access Pipeline march against G4S, security firm that attacked Standing Rock land and water protectors with dogs and mace. Photo by Willy Chilly Willy.