July Meeting – Tuesday 7/7 @7pm

The SoCal 350 Westside Hub meets at 7PM on the first Tuesday of every month. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 7th at 7:00PM. For the time being, all meetings will occur via ZOOM.


Community Building: As a new hub, we will discuss SoCal 350’s updated community guidelines and learn more about each other.

Chevron Amazonian Crude Campaign: One of two new campaigns we are starting, and we’re looking for volunteers! Help us organize an online event exposing the connections between oil spills in the Central Valley, deforestation in the Western Amazon Basin and the tar sands destruction in Alberta, and how a refinery in Los Angeles sits in the middle of the supply chain.

LA County Oil Well Ordinance: The County of Los Angeles has released a draft of the first update to its ordinance regulating oil wells in the county in 40 years. It calls for very limited setbacks for new wells from homes and schools and allows drilling to continue unabated for at least twenty years. The Sierra Club is calling this “a bad first draft.” We will be discussing the campaign to generate thousands of public comments to tell LA County “No Drilling Where We’re Living”.

Please join us to help grow the climate movement on the Westside!

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About the Westside Hub

SoCal 350 Climate Action is an active affiliate of the international climate change organization – 350.org. We proudly represent and advocate for communities across Southern California, but we recognize the diversity, unique needs of individual neighborhoods, and geographic challenges associated with in-person meet-ups.

Dakota Access Pipeline, Los Angeles

Photo by Mike Chickey

With this in mind, we recently created a Westside Hub. In addition to our SoCal 350 monthly meetings and group actions, we want to make it easier for members in Westside neighborhoods in multiple cities and LA’s 11th city council district to voice ideas, glean information, and participate in campaigns and causes.

The SoCal 350 Westside Hub will focus specifically on issues impacting the ocean, beaches, and Westside neighborhoods.

Our goal is to help Southern California transition away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible while creating a more equitable society with abundant jobs, housing, and green space for all our residents.

Our launch meeting on May 5, 2020, focused on the fight to shut down all aging, dangerous, and unnecessary gas/oil storage facilities on the Westside; with Mary Beth from Protect Playa Now! providing an example of why this work is important. [Update: check out their new project, SoCalGasMakesMeSick.com]


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