Since October 2015’s Aliso Canyon gas leak, SoCal 350 has assisted Save Porter Ranch and Food & Water Watch‘s campaign to inform local/regional/ state/national elected officials to effectively meet community needs, holding regulatory and corporate interests accountable. Our long-term goal is to shut down the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage facility operated by SoCal Gas/Sempra, due to the ongoing leaks and the lack of accountability from corporate and governmental entities in responding to community health and safety concerns.

Learn more about the worst natural gas leak in the United States and subsequent failures at local, state and national levels to protect residents, here.

Take Action:

1) Like Save Porter Ranch on Facebook and attend one of their monthly meetings.
2) Contact Governor Jerry Brown and express your concerns about Aliso Canyon.
3) Write to urge SoCalGas and SCAQMD to investigate what caused the blowout.

Aliso Canyon Protest

Porter Ranch residents protest the continued operation of Aliso Canyon Oil Fields after the largest natural gas leak in American history. Photo by Food & Water Watch – California