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The Climate Crisis Demands Immediate Alternatives to Capitalism

With only 12 years to resolve the climate crisis, a system change is in order. Only bold new solutions with a magnitude equal to the existential threat of climate change will generate enough power to win. It’s time for alternatives to capitalism. For decades now, the world has been warned about the growing costs of climate change, ranging from the widespread surge of climate refugees, to international health crises, and even radical political instability as a byproduct of food and water scarcity.

Hundreds RISE for Climate in LA to Stop Neighborhood Drilling

Los Angeles’ “Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice” rally and block party called on the City Council, Archdiocese of Los Angeles to end neighborhood oil drilling and keep the AllenCo drill site closed. On Global Day of Climate Action, Hundreds of Angelenos Rallied in South Los Angeles to End Oil Drilling in LA Communities  On September 8, 2018, hundreds of Angelenos rallied in South Los Angeles to demand that the City of Los Angeles and Governor Jerry Brown protect communities from toxic oil drilling sites and phase out urban oil drilling in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

NO new fossil fuels, YES to a 2,500 ft setback, and Rise for Climate on Sept. 8

As wildfires torpedo our state in climate chaos, Governor Brown has an opportunity to demonstrate real climate leadership: commit California to no new permits for oil and gas drilling and an end to fossil fuel infrastructure. Putting us on a rapid and just transition away from dirty energy not only moves us closer to meeting the goals of the Paris accord California has committed to, but also protects communities that face the brunt of the costs of California’s oil problem.

Rise for Climate Los Angeles: September 8

On September 8, the national Rise for Climate Day of Action is bringing people together for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, calling on state and local elected officials to take aggressive action on climate change, protect frontline communities, and create good jobs in the clean energy economy. Join us to Rise Together in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 8, in solidarity with events in San Francisco and around the globe that same day.

#StopCentennial: 75,000 Car Trips, Air Pollution and Climate Costs

The LA Planning Commission is re-hearing the Centennial proposal – a new sprawling mega-development. The commission has raised troubling questions about the project’s impact on water, climate and affordable housing that the developers couldn’t answer. We have a rare opportunity right now to stop this development before it ever gets going — a site with no affordable housing, designated high risk for wildfires and earthquakes, and set to generate unprecedented traffic, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from over 75,000 new vehicle trips per day