EcoJustice RadioEcoJustice Radio presents environmental and climate stories from a social justice frame, featuring voices not necessarily heard on mainstream media.

Our purpose is to amplify community voices, broaden the reach of grassroots-based movements, and inspire action. We investigate solutions for social, environmental, and climate issues with an eye to advance human health, steward wild landscapes, and solve the climate crisis across the USA and the world.

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Co-hosts Jessica Aldridge and Carry Kim present a broad range of perspectives: land defenders and water protectors; front/fenceline communities; youth organizers; ecosystem and land stewards; spiritual and faith leaders; documentary filmmakers; climate scientists; and political decision makers. EcoJustice Radio is produced by since 2017.


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Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
Co-Host/Producer: Jessica Aldridge
Co-Host: Carry Kim
Engineer and Original Music: Blake Quake Beats
Created by: Mark and JP Morris
Original Host: Leah Garland


Building Community and Halting the Gas Export Boom on the Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas face a petrochemical and fracked gas export boom. Super-heat-charged hurricanes strike almost every year. As a result, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Low-Income Communities, face an interrelated number of issues including environmental justice; voting suppression; and access to housing, healthcare, clean water, energy, and safe fresh produce, just to name a few. In this encore presentation, our guest, Roishetta Ozane, started the Vessel Project of Louisiana to assist the most vulnerable communities by meeting their emergency needs in times of crisis. She is also an organizer for the nonprofit Healthy Gulf, her work includes stopping a rush of new fossil fuel facilities slated for the Southwest Louisiana region. If the fossil fuel companies get their way, 17 new Liquefied Natural Gas export terminals would be built nationwide, most of them in the Gulf of Mexico, which will guarantee more climate chaos for the entire planet. READ MORE…

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Indigenous Voices from the Northeast: Past, Present and Future – Ep. 156

Join our esteemed guest, Jennifer Lee, Northern Naragansett Grandmother, bark basket maker, and culture bearer, Board Member of the Nolumbeka Project, as she provides histories, insights and perspectives of Native Peoples of the Northeast.  READ MORE…

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Microplastics Are Everywhere: What’s The Risk? – Ep. 155

Our guest Dr. Scott Coffin has been studying plastic since 2014. He is a toxicologist and Research Scientist at California State Water Resources Control Board speaks about how microplastics are entering our environment, what solutions are being put in place to assess risk and implement precautionary solutions, and how we might limit our own exposure. READ MORE…

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How the Soil Sponge and Essential Biological Workers are Changing the World with Didi Pershouse – Ep. 154

Hear Didi Pershouse [], founder of the Land & Leadership Initiative [], share how we might allow Nature to lead, collaborate with other species, and ensure the soil sponge remains healthy and functional for future generations. In doing so, the worlds most pressing challenges can be resolved. READ MORE…

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Circular Fashion: Designing for Equity & Environment – Ep. 153

Circular fashion is a system where the design of our clothing and personal belongings considers both the production of an item and the end of its life as of equal importance. On this show we interview Karri Ann Frerichs, CEO and Founder of Circular Fashion LA whose mission is to give new life and add more value to clothing and to help customers keep loving the clothes they already own for much longer. READ MORE…

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Sow A Heart Farm: Regeneration and Rethinking Food Systems – Ep. 152

By increasing biodiversity through using cover crops, integrating wild and domesticated animals, and minimizing or eliminating tillage, Regenerative Farming creates healthy soil that keeps water and carbon in the ground as part of their natural cycles. Our guest, Chef Mollie Engelhart of Sage Plant Based Bistro & Brewery, Sow a Heart Farm, and the regenerative farming organization, Kiss the Ground, joined us to relate her experience starting as a chef and restaurant owner to running her own farm. READ MORE…

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