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L.A. Harbor Peace Week – August 30 to September 5

From Rachel Bruhnke, SoCal 350 Volunteer Organizer: Sick and tired of Wars for Oil? Of almost 50% of our Federal discretionary tax dollar spending going to finance wars-past, present and future? Tired of War being always seen as the “solution”, when we know that Sustainable Development and a Green Economy for All is where humanity (including the U.S.)

Media Release: Stop Oil Trains in L.A. Day of Action July 10, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – JULY 10    MEDIA RELEASE: Rally/Teach-In at Exposition Park/Jessie Brewer Jr Park Near Natural History Museum of LA County Highlights Public Opposition to Dangerous Oil Trains As Los Angeles implements a more sustainable vision of our future and our Los Angeles River, danger rides the rails into our city.

SoCal 350 May Happenings – Break Free and More!

Greetings SoCal 350 Climate Action Friends! On May 14, 2016 Californians will convene in Downtown L.A. for a mass action to stop oil and gas drilling in our neighborhoods.’s activist legend Bill McKibben will be leading the charge, with appearances from NextGen Climate’s Tom Steyer, Activists from Frontline Communities, LA Hip Hop Group Inner City Dwellers, Grammy-Nominated Singer/Actress Antonique Smith, Korean Drummers, and thousands of people from across the state will be there.

Break Free 2016

Many people look to California to inspire what it means to take climate change seriously. We are leading the way thanks to many activists from around the state, like you. But, we know we need to move with more urgency to match the level of crisis we are approaching. With cities running out of water, sea levels rising, and our health being compromised — half measures will not do.

SoCal 350 Climate Action History

SoCal 350 Climate Action formed as a coalition between over 100 groups in the Southern California region coming together to fight climate change at the Forward on Climate Rally and March in 2013. This was the first time such a wide array of environmental, humanitarian, religious, political, labor, civil rights, student, and community organizations came together in Los Angeles to demand action on climate change.