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DivestLA: LA City Council Votes to Divest from Wells Fargo

Los Angeles Divests $8 Billion from Wells Fargo, the latest fallout from numerous scandals and their involvement in financing destructive, climate-fouling fossil fuel infrastructure projects, like the Dakota Access Pipeline. Below is a statement from our allies who led the charge at DivestLA!   VICTORY: City of Los Angeles Votes to Divest from Wells Fargo Published by Divest LA In a huge win for Divest LA and indigenous, environmental and social justice allies, the City of Los Angeles voted unanimously on Wednesday, December 13, to approve a banking contract that would disqualify Wells Fargo from commercial banking services.

San Onofre Nuclear Waste Emergency – Save Our Oceans

San Onofre Nuclear Plant, on the coast of California, is busy building a nuclear waste dump for 1,600 tons of spent fuel on a bluff overlooking the Pacific which presents significant risks to our ocean and surrounding communities.  Stop the Beachfront Burial of Nuclear Waste Most California residents are not aware that SCE (Southern California Edison) has obtained a California Coastal Commission permit to bury 75 canisters of deadly nuclear waste on the beach in December of 2017.

Trump Offshore Drilling Threats: Saving Our Coast Beyond the “Zinke Doctrine”

Legendary coastal activist Richard Charter puts out a rousing call to action on the Trump Administration’s threats to revive offshore drilling while weakening coastal protections off California, putting beaches, marine sanctuaries, and ecosystems in danger from more oil spills and industrialization. Presentation by Richard Charter/Senior Fellow, The Ocean Foundation October 28, 2017, Gualala Community Center – Environmental Forum Welcome to “Loving Your Ocean in the Time of #45.”

April 29 – People’s Climate Movement 2017 – Los Angeles

SAVE THE DATE – SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 2017! Join the People’s Climate Movement Los Angeles at Banning Park in Wilmington and march to the Tesoro Refinery this April 29th in SOLIDARITY with a march in Washington, D.C. and across the country to stand up for our communities and climate. WE RESIST.

Defund Dakota Access: Jane Fonda’s #BankExit from Wells Fargo

On December 22, Jane Fonda announced her divesting of financial holdings from Wells Fargo, one of the major investors in the Dakota Access Pipeline, at the Hollywood Wells Fargo Branch. Despite the denial of the permits to drill and the calling for an Environmental Impact Statement by The Army Corp of Engineers, pipeline owners Energy Transfer Partners/Sunoco have continued to work in defiance of federal mandate on constructing the pipeline proposed to run under the Standing Rock Sioux’s water supply and through ancestral burial grounds.