On December 22, Jane Fonda announced her divesting of financial holdings from Wells Fargo, one of the major investors in the Dakota Access Pipeline, at the Hollywood Wells Fargo Branch. Despite the denial of the permits to drill and the calling for an Environmental Impact Statement by The Army Corp of Engineers, pipeline owners Energy Transfer Partners/Sunoco have continued to work in defiance of federal mandate on constructing the pipeline proposed to run under the Standing Rock Sioux’s water supply and through ancestral burial grounds. President Elect Donald Trump also pledged his support for the pipeline which will affect nearly 18 million.

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Jane Fonda’s Bank Exit Demonstration to #DefundDAPL – From The Young Turks

“I don’t want my money in a bank that has loaned to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). It’s a bad investment from every standpoint: financially, socially, morally. Any bank that has put money into DAPL displays corporate irresponsibility because even minimal due diligence shows that the companies that own and operate the pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners and Sonoco, are rated as the worst companies in the country both in environmental and safety terms. ETP is being sued by 5 states for contaminating groundwater. I am grateful to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation for calling attention to this dangerous situation. We must stand with them to ensure the pipeline is stopped.” — Jane Fonda – December, 2016.

The #BankExit campaign encourages citizens to withdraw their money from banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and HSBC, notifying them that they will not support financial institutions that fund Dakota Access and associated fossil fuel infrastructure, supporting the climate-disrupting, planet-destroying, dirty energy economy and undermines Native American rights.