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Banking on Climate Chaos – the Fossil Fuel Finance Report – Ep. 135

The 2022 annual report, Banking on Climate Chaos, revealed that fossil fuel financing from the world’s 60 largest banks has reached nearly $4.6 trillion in the six years since the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement, with $742 billion in 2021 alone.

On this show, we delve into the Banking on Climate Chaos report with Ruth Breech from Rainforest Action Network, one of the organizations that authored the report. She discusses how these findings underscore the need for banks to immediately implement policies that end their financing for fossil fuel expansion. Moreover we highlight some of these projects causing climate chaos and the worldwide movement of communities coming together to demand that the financial sector get out of the oil and gas business altogether. READ MORE…


Indigenous Regeneration: Remembering the Past to Inspire the Future – Ep. 134

On this show we talk with Lacey Cannon, Founder and Executive Director of Indigenous Re-Generation, based out of San Diego County, California. Her organization works with Native communities to achieve re-indigenization and true Tribal sovereignty through a re-generative approach to food cultivation, medicinal farming, lifestyle and culture, and eco-village education programs. READ MORE…


Indigenous Peoples of Mexico Unite Against Corporate Mega-Projects – Ep. 133

Indigenous, social justice, and environmental groups have come together in a caravan to speak out against destructive mega-projects and mining across eight states in Central and Southern Mexico. Our guests are Victorino Torres Nava, Professor of the Náhuatl language at the Anahuacalmecac Academy and Marcos Aguilar, Head of School of Anahuacalmecac Academy and Executive Director of Semillas del Pueblo. The Caravan has been traveling from town to town, making visible the local and regional struggles for clean water and the defense of territories. It began on International Water Day March 22nd in the state of Puebla and will arrive in the state of Morelos, south of Mexico City, at the end of April. For the full English and Spanish version, LISTEN HERE:


Caught in the Crossfire: Rehabilitating & Releasing Native Wildlife – Ep. 132

On this show, host Carry Kim interviews Debbie McGuire, Executive Director and Dr. Elizabeth Wood, Medical Director and Veterinarian for the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Southern California. They discuss their shared commitment to protecting native wildlife and how we might respond to the urgent call of our animal relatives. READ MORE…
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Feedback Loops: Climate Change’s Most Critical Dynamic – Ep. 131

In this show, we sit down with Susan Gray, Director, and Bonnie Waltch, Senior Producer and writer of the five-part documentary series, “Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops.” [] Narrated by Richard Gere, this series of five short films features twelve leading climate scientists, who explore how human-caused emissions are triggering nature’s own warming loops. We also learn why natural warming loops have scientists alarmed—and why they feel we have less time to correct climate disruption than previously thought. READ MORE…
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Earthlodge and Black Southern Indigenous Nature-Based Healing – Ep. 130

Earth Medicine, healing trauma and anger by literally going into the Earth, is called by our guest this week, Queen Hollins, as Earthlodging. Black Southern Indigenous communities have integrated this Earth Medicine for generations, with a mix of ritual, ceremony, and herbal healing traditions.

These traditional nature-based spiritual practices have been the foundation of the Earthlodge Center for Transformation [] in Long Beach, California. READ MORE…
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Poetry and Politics: City on the Second Floor with Matt Sedillo – Ep 129

Matt Sedillo has been described in ROAR Magazine as “one of the most important working-class intellectuals of our time.” On this show, Matt will discuss his latest book, City on the Second Floor, published by Flowersong Press. He is a Poet and Writer in Residence at Re Arte and also author of ‘Mowing Leaves of Grass,’ both available from Flowersong Press. LISTEN on podcast or the extended version on Patreon:


Healthy Soil: The Key to Healthy Foods, Global Resiliency, and Farmer Legacy – Ep. 128

In this week’s show, Allen Williams of Understanding Ag and the Soil Health Academy discusses the importance of abiding by healthy, regenerative soil principles in agriculture. He has worked for years to deepen our current ecological understanding and advance soil care practices in line with biological processes to ensure a plentiful food supply and healthy ecosystems amid a changing climate. These efforts support the transition of conventional, industrial farms to regenerative agriculture and ensure a sustainable legacy of farming for future generations. For an extended version of this interview and other benefits, become an EcoJustice Radio patron at


Indigenous Protocols: Approaching the Lands with Cultural Monitoring – Ep. 127

On this week’s show, Joe Calderon shares his insights on Indigenous protocols, archeological analysis, and properly approaching the land. He is a Cultural Monitor representing the Chumash, Tongva, and Chicano Peoples. He works to protect his Ancestors, Sacred Sites, Artifacts and Cultural Resources, as well as doing his best to care for the environment, water, and lands. He is also a singer, instrument maker, and composer of songs and enjoys sharing traditional teachings with others. READ MORE…


Room to Roam: The Importance of Wildlife Connectivity and Crossings – Ep. 126

Beth Pratt, California Regional Executive Director of National Wildlife Federation, has been championing for years what will become world’s largest urban wildlife crossing, planned for suburban Los Angeles. She joined us to discuss the importance of connectivity and wildlife crossings. She explains why they are an integral strategy in land and habitat conservation and why preserving biodiversity not only protects wildlife, but also all of us humans! READ MORE…
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