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Jesse Marquez: Public Preparedness for Threats from Refineries, Ports, and Freeways – EcoJustice Radio – Episode 46

Environmental Justice Activist Jesse Marquez speaks with EcoJustice Radio how communities can prepare to confront the dangers of living around five oil refineries, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and hemmed in by the truck-clogged 710 and 110 freeways.


The Intersection Between Faith and Environmental Activism – EcoJustice Radio – Ep 45

On Episode 45 of EcoJustice Radio our guest Reverend Oliver Buie, Minister of Community Engagement at the Holman United Methodist Church, speaks with Jessica Aldridge on the important relationship between faith and environmentalism and what his parish has been doing to promote environmental and social justice in their community.

As a member of the Steering Committee of STAND-LA, he speaks to the environmental justice movement to institute a 2,500-foot health and safety buffer between oil drilling and where people live, in particular motivated by the Murphy Oil Drilling site near his South Los Angeles church.


Regenerative Responses: Growing The Soil Carbon Sponge – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 44

Weather extremes, soil degradation, and climate disruption have turned our attention to the potential of soil, carbon, and water cycling as a formidable and creative response to climate change. We speak with Linda Gibbs, who teaches at the Gaia school of healing and Earth education and is a soil advocate for Kiss the Ground.


Urban Forestry’s Connection to Climate Change and Social Equity – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 43

On this show we discuss Urban Forestry’s Impacts On Climate Change and Social Equity. Jessica Aldridge speaks with Mark Kenyon, Executive Director of the nonprofit, North East Trees.


Youth Climate Strike Takes Over Downtown Los Angeles – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 42

The September 20th Los Angeles Youth Climate Strike was organized by a coalition of groups and led by Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles. EcoJustice Radio’s Jessica Aldridge and production team joined the action at Downtown LA’s Pershing Square, where anywhere from 10-20,000 people gathered for speeches and music, and then all marched through the streets to City Hall.


Bottles And Cans Recycling: A Social Contract In Peril – EcoJustice Radio – Ep 41

Susan V. Collins, President of Container Recycling Institute, speaks with Jessica Aldridge about how California underwent a recent wave of redemption center closures (those places where consumers can drop off their recyclable beverage containers for cash). So what needs to happen to fix the California bottle bill?


Shaping our Water Future: Through Water Quality, Equity & Nature Based Solutions – EcoJustice Radio – Ep.40

Water is life. Clean, safe, reliable, affordable, and the future security of water is nonnegotiable. Los Angeles, California currently imports a whopping 70% of their water. And getting that water to LA is the largest use of electricity in the state of CA. When water is not captured and utilized within the system, it traverses through the city and out to the ocean. In order to shape a strong water future, we must manage the flow in way that ensures high quality, social equity, and solutions based in nature. Jessica Aldridge interviews Annelisa Moe, Water Quality Scientist with Heal the Bay and Miguel Ramos External Affairs Outreach Coordinator with the Nature Conservancy.
Our Water LA:


Sustaining the Legacy of the Tongva: Before and After “Los Angeles” – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 39

Hear the wise words of Tongva Elder, Grandmother Gloria Arellanes, as she shares the heritage of the Tongva people, who inhabited and stewarded the area referred to as the “Los Angeles basin” as well as the Southern Channel Islands. Grandmother Gloria offers her insights about the state of our world, youth, elderhood and the intergenerational cycle of learning, as well as how we might honor proper protocols, First Nations and all that is Sacred, amidst the backdrop of increasing urbanity, and the numerous perils now facing our environment.


Preserving the Wild in the Anthropocene Era – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 38

Hear from David Lamfrom, Director of California Desert and National Wildlife programs at the National Parks Conservation Association, who will discuss the particular challenges of protecting and preserving our national parks in the Anthropocene era, including this current stage of global industrialization.

For more information and to support National Parks visit:


Pakistan: Connecting Climate Change, Women Empowerment, and Art – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 37

Jessica Aldridge speaks with Ayla Suhail, Climate Change and Livelihood Project Coordinator at PODA, Potohar Organisation of development and advocacy in Pakistan. She is a graduate of mathematics from Comsats University in Islamabad and is finishing her masters in Geographical Information System. Her thesis is based on “Analyzing the impact of Plastic Waste on the Urban Climate.” She is also a teacher and a coach.


Earth-Honoring Traditions of the Acjachemen with Spiritual Leader Adelia Sandoval – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 36

Carry Kim talks with Rev. Adelia Sandoval, the Spiritual Leader for the Juaneño Band of Mission Indians/Acjachemen Nation. The Acjachemen people are the indigenous people of Orange County in Southern California and have stewarded and inhabited this region for roughly 12,000 years. Adelia is also a Ceremonial Leader, Bear Dancer, Re-Burial Rites Ceremonialist, and Keeper of Songs she has been taught by Tribal Spiritual Leader, Ka’chi. She is the director of the Tribal women’s singing group the Tushmalum Heleqatum (Hummingbirds that Sing).


Pasture Based Carbon Farming with SonRise Ranch – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 35

Carry Kim speaks with Doug Lindamood, from SonRise Ranch in San Diego County, California. He and his family own and operate this pasture based livestock operation dedicated to changing industrial, factory farming into a local, sustainable, integrity, food movement through education and outreach one family at a time.

According to SonRise Ranch, Management Intensive Grazing, regenerative agriculture, and the highest standards of animal husbandry are the best way to heal the planet.

SonRise Ranch: