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Social Equity in a Zero Waste Baltimore – National Zero Waste Conference – Ep. 58

This episode is the third installment of our National Zero Waste Conference series meant to elevate the voices featured during the two-day event in Berkeley, California (postponed this year).

Baltimore, Maryland, is setting the standard for #ZeroWasteCities by ensuring social equity! Their racially and economically just Zero Waste Plan goes beyond the successful management of resources and waste by lifting up human rights values and ensuring that those communities who are historically burdened by the ill effects of our waste system are made a priority.

Our guests are Meleny Thomas, Shashawnda Campbell, and Greg Sawtell all Leadership Organizers with United Workers in Baltimore, Maryland, speaking with our host, Jessica Aldridge from Adventures in Waste. READ MORE…


REFINEMENT: Cracking the Plastic Production Boom – Plastic Plague Pt 2 – Ep. 57

Plastic Plague Series: PART 2 REFINEMENT – Once extracted, how does oil and gas become the resin that will eventually be the plastic we use in our daily lives? Then when we buy these products, the social and environmental justice issues are out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

The Plastic Plague journey now leads us to plastic manufacturing and the social justice issues, from Point Comfort, Texas to St. James Louisiana, also known as Cancer Alley. On this episode, we breakdown how fossil fuels become plastic and follow the train of economic interests and irresponsibility. We hear from front-line activists dealing with plastic manufacturing and the impact to their communities’ quality of life.

Our guests include Diane Wilson, Executive Director of San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper; Sharon Lavigne, Founding Director of RISE St. James; and Jim Vallette, President of Material Research L3C, speak with our host, Jessica Aldridge. READ MORE…


Is Nuclear Waste at San Onofre Safe? – Ep. 56

Hear urban planner and anti-nuclear activist Torgen Johnson speak with our host Carry Kim regarding the stranded nuclear waste situation at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station located at the northern end of San Diego County.
More info and Take Action:
Sign This Petition: READ MORE…


Reducing Single-Use Culture Through Legislation – National Zero Waste Conference – Ep. 55

This episode is the second installment of our National Zero Waste Conference series meant to elevate the voices featured during the two-day event in Berkeley, California (postponed this year).

On this show we dive into what is happening with California legislation that is looking to reduce plastic pollution and support recycling and Circular Economy efforts. Our guests are Mike Sangiacomo, President & Chief Executive Officer of Recology and Eric Potashner, Vice President & Senior Director of Recology, speaking with our host, Jessica Aldridge from Adventures in Waste.
Website: READ MORE…


EXTRACTION: Fracking and Drilling for Plastic Dreams – Plastic Plague Pt 1 – Ep. 54

This is PART ONE of a special seven-part series, called, “The Plastic Plague: Connecting the Dots between Extraction, Inequity, and Pollution.”

On our first installment, we start at the well, the oily, methane producing beginnings of plastic. We discuss the extraction process, economic viability (of a bankrupt fossil fuel industry), the Texas Permian Basin (slated to be the global exporter), and the social and environmental costs of plastic before a product is even created.

Our guests include Jane Patton from the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) and Stop Formosa], Sharon Wilson, Senior Organizer for Earthworks [@TXsharon] and Ethan Buckner, Energy Campaigner also with Earthworks []. READ MORE…


Connecting Waste and Climate Change – National Zero Waste Conference – Ep 53

This episode is the first installment of our National Zero Waste Conference series meant to elevate the voices featured during the two-day event in Berkeley, California (postponed for now)

Our guest, Leslie Lukacs, Executive Director of Zero Waste Sonoma, formally known as the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency, speaks with our host Jessica Aldridge, who also is the founder of Adventures in Waste. Together, we discuss the lifecycle of our resources, the climate-disrupting effects, and the potential for climate-loving solutions. READ MORE…


Tribal Sovereignty and Self Determination – EcoJustice Radio – Ep 52

Native Nation self-determination has proven an effective way to steward and protect resources and develop a sustainable way forward in an era of ecosystem collapse and runaway climate disruption.

On this episode, we speak with Manape LaMere and SunRose IronShell, two people working toward a model of self-determination and a brighter future for the planet through Indigenous prosperity. READ MORE…


The Winnemem Wintu: Bringing the Salmon Home – EcoJustice Radio – Ep 51

On this episode, we speak with Chief Caleen Sisk, the Spiritual Leader of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, whose ancestral territory includes what is now known as the McCloud River watershed below “Buliyum Puyuk” aka. Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Since 2000, Chief Caleen and her tribe have been working to return the now nearly extinct California Chinook salmon to the McCloud River.


Palm Oil and Orangutans – The Oily Truth & What We Can Do – EcoJustice Radio – Ep 50

Can palm oil can be produced in a responsible, sustainable, and regenerative manner that protects the environment, bio-diverse species, and communities where it is cultivated?

On this episode, we discuss what is happening in Indonesia and elsewhere around Palm Oil extraction, expansion, and exploitation. Our guest, Gary Shapiro, President of Orang Utan Republik Foundation & The Orangutan Project-USA. who has been involved with orangutans for 46 years and has been working tirelessly to secure and protect the orangutan populations through creating more regenerative and equitable solutions around Palm Oil production.


Indigenous Legacy: Intergenerational Wisdom for our Times with Tina and Jessa Calderon – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 49

Hear Tina and Jessa Calderon, mother and daughter duo representing the Gabrielino Tongva and Ventureño Chumash Nations, share their personal experiences, stories and insights regarding growing up as indigenous women on their Native lands.


The Power of Youth-Led Activism: Inspiring Change and Building Community – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 48

On this show we discuss the power of youth-led activism and how our guest is helping to inspire change and build community. We welcome 19-year-old Youth Environmental Activist and one of the lead organizers for Youth Climate Strike LA, Kevin Patel, who speaks with our host, Jessica Aldridge.


Wixárika/Huichol People: Protecting Sacred Lands of Mexico – EcoJustice Radio – Ep. 47

In this episode, we discuss the struggle to protect the sacred lands and culture of the Wixárika people, also known popularly as the Huichol, an indigenous group inhabiting the remote reaches of the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico. Our guests are Andrea Perez, Indigenous Environmental Justice Advocate, and Susana Valadez Director of the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts. Jessica Aldridge did the interview.