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1000 Tiny Farms: A Regenerative Network – Ep. 97

Listen in to our discussion with Greg Reese, co-founder of Sea + Soil and creator of the 1000 Tiny Farms project. A program working to cultivate a regional regenerative network of market gardens, share resources between farmers, and encourage people who have a desire to farm but don’t know how to start their own tiny farm. READ MORE…


Break Free From The Plastic Death Cycle – Ep. 96

Have you heard of the Death Cycle of Plastic (vs the life cycle)? Our guests talk solutions and actions from current Congressional legislation and to a new report shining a light on the environmental justice impacts. What about Zero Waste; should it be reclaimed and restructured? And how do we decipher real solutions from false (that just promote more waste and social impacts)?

Marcela Gutiérrez-Graudiņš, Founder & Executive Director of Azul and Melissa Aguayo, Member Engagement Officer for Break Free From Plastic US and Co Chair of Reusable LA, speak with our host, Jessica Aldridge who has a nonprofit called Adventures in Waste.

For more on the plastic pollution conundrum, check out our seven-part series, “The Plastic Plague: Connecting the Dots Between Extraction, Inequity, and PollutionREAD MORE…


LA River Revitalization: The Story of Master Plan Gone Awry – Ep. 95

The 51-mile Los Angeles River, more known for its barren stretches of concrete, is undergoing a long-term Master Planned greening and revitalization. Big questions remain about how to restore biodiversity, provide water resiliency in the face of climate disruption, and protect the local neighborhoods from green gentrification that has already presented problems along sections of the river.

On this show, our host Jessica Aldridge is joined by representatives from a coalition of organizations, Liliana Griego from Friends of the Los Angeles River, Katherine Pease from Heal the Bay, and Jessica Prieto from East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ). The coalition has concerns with the plan’s vision, lack of community input, human rights, and environmental protections. READ MORE…

-Comment portal for the Master Plan:


Biotonomy: Designing Nature-Based Green Buildings and Cities – Ep. 94

LISTEN to our discussion with the lead architectural designer for the firm Biotonomy using a holistic and Nature-based approach for buildings and cities to address the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Carry Kim talks with Moein Nodehi, the founder, CEO, and Lead Architect for Biotonomy. With an international team of designers, their mission is to make buildings and cities become a force for restoring the natural world. READ MORE…


Foray into Fungi: The Art of Farming – Ep. 93

This episode reveals interdisciplinary artist and mycologist Sam Shoemaker’s venture into urban mushroom cultivation, and how his art has been informed by and become an exploratory collaboration with fungi. He speaks with our host Carry Kim.

*Sam Shoemaker [] is an interdisciplinary artist and mycologist based in Los Angeles, California. After receiving his MFA in sculpture from the Yale University School of Art in 2020, Sam started the urban mushroom farm Myco Myco. Sam’s current work focuses on sustainable food for Los Angeles, experiments in biomaterial sculptural fabrication, and the cultivation of rare native and non native fungi. READ MORE…


Trees Please: Saving and Serving the Urban Forest – Ep. 92

Trees are essential to restoration of ourselves and the planet. This episode contemplates restoring our relationship to trees, as well as caring and maintaining them long term in urban settings. As megacities rise and human beings concentrate in dense environments, we need to explore myriad ways to nurture trees and ultimately foster a culture that respects and celebrates their innate value to our present and future. Facing global heating and climate chaos, it is critical to embrace trees.

*Lora May Hall, owner of Full Circle Gardening, is a horticulturalist, an ecologically oriented gardener, educator, and ISA Certified Arborist. She is on the board of Hollywood Orchard.

*Cameron Miller is the Ecological Program Manager at The BirdHouse, an educational non-profit serving as a hub of exchange for those interested in caring for the land and people, through arts and ecology. READ MORE…


The Call to Decolonize: Thoughts, Actions, and Spaces – Ep. 91

What is meant by “Decolonization?” Not only of our institutions, but also of thoughts and behaviors directly influenced by the residuals of colonization. Listen to Marria Evbuoma of Race to Zero Waste and Richmond District Rising as she explores the meaning and importance of decolonizing thoughts, actions, and spaces. How do we recognize and legitimately decolonize in order to ensure equity and build community for all? How do those who have been colonized go about decolonizing?

Marria Evbuoma is a mother, writer, and zero waste educator living in San Francisco. She is also the representative for her district for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Citizen Advisory Committee focusing on waste water. READ MORE…


Ecological Succession: Moving Toward Regeneration with Linda Gibbs – Ep. 90

We are losing the world’s topsoil at an alarming rate of 30 football fields of soil per minute, which can largely be attributed to modern farming practices, and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Widespread deforestation is also a factor. Continuing soil degradation at current rates will further worsen climate change and exhaust our global capacity to grow food for the world’s burgeoning 7 billion plus population. This episode explores ecological succession as a means to foster our deeper understanding of the cycle of & purpose behind regenerating soil.

Linda Gibbs is owner and principal land manager of The Gardens at the world famous Woodshed Recording Studio in Malibu. Linda’s depth of knowledge and experience in using the six regenerative soil principles, is applied to her practice and teaching of Permaculture, Biodynamics, and the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. She is an ardent soil advocate for Kiss the Ground, a founding member of the grassroots soil restoration group, Soil Sponge Collective, and a former teacher of the Gaia School of Healing in California. READ MORE…


Recipe for Abuse: Palm Oil, Child Labor, and Girl Scout Cookies – Ep. 89

“Sustainable Palm Oil” is deceiving and does not ensure ethical ingredients. Palm oil is everywhere – in our foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, and fuels, while at the same time destroying the rich biodiversity of tropical rainforests and the livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples and small landholders.

Thus, the palm oil inherent in a purchase of a $5 box of Girl Scout Cookies is connected to child labor, deforestation and displacement, climate disruption, and human rights atrocities. But there are solutions. Our show’s guests are working to demand accountability from business and campaigning for solutions that support the climate, human rights, and indigenous self-determination. READ MORE…

Olivia Chaffin [] is a 14 year old Girl Scout, vegan, and activist.

Daniel Carrillo is the Forest Campaign Director for Rainforest Action Network.
RAN Keep Forests Standing Campaign:


Dam-Free: How Indigenous Peoples Reclaim the Klamath River – Ep. 88

In this episode, Regina Chichizola, Co-Director of Save California’s Salmon and Sammy Gensaw, a Yurok fisherman, youth activist & Director of Ancestral Guard, share the heartbreaking and inspiring 20-year journey to undam the Klamath River, which has suffered from low water flows, toxic algal blooms, and fish populations that now face extinction, parasites and disease. READ MORE…