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Using Biology As Technology: Stimulating Human Response Through Architecture – Ep. 181

Organic architecture, coined by master architect Frank Lloyd Wright, unifies every element of the building—from windows to doors and even floors and furniture—with Nature. Biomimicry has become an important advance in this movement, harnessing functional design elements from—mimicking—Nature. Our guest, award-winning Architect Eric Corey Freed, 12-time Author, and Director of Sustainability for Cannon Design, has made this central to his work when designing buildings.

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HoneyLove: The Last Refuge for Honeybees & Urban Beekeeping – Ep. 180

According to the non-profit organization, HoneyLove, cities are apparently the last refuge for the Honeybee. HoneyLove is dedicated to urban beekeeping, educational outreach, and advocating for the health and well-being of honeybees.

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Toxic Exposure: The Monsanto Roundup Trials & The Search For Justice – Ep. 179

Dr. Chadi Nabhan’s book, Toxic Exposure [], tells the true story of his role as an expert physician witness who testified in multiple state and federal trials against Monsanto. His book recounts the heartbreaking stories of numerous patients who developed the cancer non-Hodgkin lymphoma, after regularly using Roundup on yards and school grounds.

Monsanto is now owned by Bayer, one of the largest agrochemical companies in the world. These companies and the EPA downplayed the health dangers of Roundup and the active ingredient glyphosate even after Monsanto lost numerous court cases (owing billions in judgements) and settled out of court for more than $11 Billion for more than 100K patients. READ MORE – CLICK HERE

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Nature, Culture, & the Sacred: Reinventing Leadership and Reclaiming the Feminine with Nina Simons – Ep. 178

Nina Simons is Co-Founder of Bioneers and Author of ‘Nature, Culture, and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership’. She leads the Bioneers Everywoman’s Leadership program. Bioneers is a nonprofit that uses media, convening, and connecting to lift up visionary and practical solutions for many of our most pressing social and ecological challenges, revealing a regenerative and equitable future that’s within our reach today. Nina speaks and teaches internationally at schools, conferences, and festivals, and co-facilitates transformative workshops and retreats for women that share practices for regenerative leadership through reclaiming wholeness and relational mindfulness. Her personal website is

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Future of Environmental Justice with Former EPA Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali – Ep. 177

Breathing clean air and drinking clean water are fundamental rights. However, these rights have been denied to many low-income communities and communities of color, who often live next to massive industrial facilities that pollute the air and water. Our guest is Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali former EPA official and now Executive Vice President at the National Wildlife Federation and Founder and CEO of Revitalization Strategies. He has been working toward solving historical injustices that target certain communities for class- and race-based discrimination putting them in the path of harm from toxic exposure, climate disruption, and industrial accidents.

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Reconnecting to the Soil and Restoring our Ecological Memory with Ray Archuleta – Ep. 176

Although desertification intensifies at an alarming rate, and narratives of fear and scarcity dominate, the truth is human beings can restore our ecological memory, mimic and align with Nature, and commit to making the Earth green again. It remains the best kept secret that a regenerative mindset can and will heal the world. World-renowned soil scientist and conservation agronomist Ray Archuleta, Founder of Understanding Ag and the Soil Health Academy, joined us to share his many decades of experience working with the soil to motivate us to green the Earth once again.


Do Environmental Regulations Stop Clean Energy and Affordable Housing? Ep. 175

Some assert we should repeal/reform the National Environmental Policy Act (called NEPA) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). These laws require federal and state/local agencies to assess the potential environmental effects of development projects, public works, and other major government actions, and involve the public at important steps in the process. On this show, we talk with Dustin Mulvaney, Professor, Environmental Studies Department, San José State University, and Lydia Poncé, Indigenous Activist, Water Protector, and Coordinator of Earth Justice.



Nature-Based and Traditional Approaches to Water/Hydrology from Ecuador – Ep. 174

Water security. Water quality. Access to water. The threat of water privatization. Our relationship to water and how we value it. Ours is a future where the preciousness of water is being tested. Every drop counts. Will humanity act as if water is a gift rather than as an entitlement, a “right” or an exclusive commodity to profit from? Our guest this week, Boris Ochoa-Tocachi, CEO and Senior Hydrologist of ATUK Consultoría Estratégica out of Ecuador, shares with us his view of creating a positive relationship with water.

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TAWA: Food Waste Rescue and Composting At Scale – Ep. 173

Where does all the green waste go? Who is using it? How is it being transformed into something of regenerative value? How can we reclaim and recycle our waste in a hyperlocal way to benefit the surrounding community at large? Most of us recognize our era asks us to take personal responsibility for closing the loop on our consumption and waste, in order to become a consciously regenerative society that benefits rather than diminishes life. David Velez from TAWA Compost joined us to share how he is turning “trash” into gold, by redistributing and rescuing food, making compost and transforming the unusable into the usable at scale.

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Tiny Living: Right-Sizing Our American Dream – Ep. 172

Lindsay Wood – The Tiny Home Lady – and Teresa Bradley from Tiny Green Adventures, bring a dose of reality to the challenge, but also the splendor, of living simply with few belongings in a tiny home. READ MORE – CLICK HERE

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