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Tribute to the Late Urban Provocateur Mike Davis – Ep.171

We feature a lecture by Mike Davis about his book Planet of Slums, which investigates the increasing inequality of the urban world. According to the U.N., more than one billion people now live in extreme poverty in mega-cities facing environmental and social collapse from perpetual and worsening climate disruptions. READ MORE…

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Charleston: Race, Water, and the Coming Storm – Ep. 170

Harvard Law Professor and Author Susan Crawford tells the story of a city that has played a central role in this country’s painful racial history since the early 1800s and now, as the waters rise, the city stands at the intersection of climate and race. In her book, Charleston: Race, Water, and the Coming Storm, Susan Crawford puts out a well-researched call for climate adaptation and mitigation, guided by Black community leaders whom she documents with in-depth narratives. READ MORE…

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Biodynamics: A Holistic Approach to Farming & Gardening – Ep 169

Biodynamics emerged through the work and passions of Austrian philosopher and scientist Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). It began with his infamous lectures in 1924 which inspired farmers to a new yet ancient way of integrating scientific understanding with a recognition of spirit in nature. Stewart Lundy, Education and Media Manager of the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Bio-Dynamics, joins us to discuss Steiner’s legacy in the advancement and growth of restorative and regenerative biodynamic agriculture. READ MORE…

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CHERP Solar: The Promise and Potential of Locally Grown Power – Ep. 168

CHERP Solar Works has new designs on locally grown solar power, both on how it is deployed AND manufactured. CHERP, using a nonprofit model, aims to deliver on the promise of solar as a safe, renewable energy by empowering and uplifting local communities and making solar accessible in underserved communities. Megan Anderson joins us to tell how CHERP intends to address environmental justice and economic inequity by manufacturing solar where we live.

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The Textile Dilemma: From Manufacturing, To Waste, To Solutions – Ep. 167

The fashion industry contributes to roughly 10% of all global carbon emissions (releasing 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year). It is also the world’s second worst offender in terms of water and plastic pollution, seeing that the majority of our clothes are made from plastic and contribute to microplastic pollution.

In this show, our guest Dr. Joanne Brasch, Special Projects Manager for California Product Stewardship Council, walks us through the current state of disposal, shares what prime solutions must exist, and how their organization and others are pushing on policies and legislation that will hold manufacturers accountable, create transparent industry practices, and address social and environmental justice concerns. READ MORE…CLICK HERE

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Now Give It Back: Indigenized Futures & the Land Back Movement – Ep. 166

Radical imagination is required to forge a new, and also perhaps ancient way out of the injustices and destruction inherent in settler colonialism. As our guest Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy [], Associate Professor and Department Chair of Native American Studies at Cal Poly Humboldt, reminds us, decolonization IS land back. READ MORE…CLICK HERE

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Debunking the Skeptics: Real Solutions For A Clean, Renewable Energy Future – Ep. 165

Is a 100% clean, renewable energy future by the year 2050 possible? Our guest, Stanford Professor Mark Z. Jacobson proposes that the most efficient and socially and environmentally just way is to replace fossil fuels through a combined implementation of Wind, Water-Geothermal, and Solar energy solutions. READ MORE…CLICK HERE

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Sacred Sueños Reforestation Project: Off-Grid and Off-Road in the Andes – Ep. 164

Yves Zehnder tells how he ended up off-grid, off-road and offline in a quest to live simply as a homesteader with a far smaller than average footprint. He co-founded Sacred Sueños in 2004, a mountain regeneration project, close to Vilcabamba in the Andes mountains of southern Ecuador. READ MORE…CLICK HERE

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Right to Recreation: The History of African American Leisure Sites – Ep. 163

Historian Alison Rose Jefferson discusses her book Living The California Dream: African American Leisure Sites During The Jim Crow Era. She demonstrates how Black communal practices and economic development around leisure confronted politics of racial exclusion in recreational spaces. She shares unique stories of leisure sites, and their rich history, and the influence they still have today. READ MORE…CLICK HERE

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Glyphosate: Killing More Than Weeds? – Ep. 162

Join Kelly Ryerson, Founder of Glyphosate Facts as she reveals truths about glyphosate, one of the most common ingredients in herbicides and the main ingredient in Bayer/Monsanto’s infamous weedkiller and probable carcinogen: Roundup. READ MORE…CLICK HERE

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