Many people look to California to inspire what it means to take climate change seriously. We are leading the way thanks to many activists from around the state, like you.

But, we know we need to move with more urgency to match the level of crisis we are approaching. With cities running out of water, sea levels rising, and our health being compromised — half measures will not do. We need bold action to break free from fossil fuels.

Our climate is at a tipping point – and right now California is the third largest oil producing state in the U.S.1 Our Governor might take measures increase fuel efficiency in our cars, but we need to stop it at the source. We need to break our addiction to fossil fuels.

Join the March to Break Free from Fossil Fuels on May 14 in Los Angeles.

SoCal 350, Break Free, Los Angeles


On May 14, California is taking part in a global wave of resistance to show the widespread support to transition off fossil fuels and build a new kind of economy we know is possible – one centered on a just transition to 100% renewable energy now.


What: A mass action on May 14 to Break Free from Fossil Fuels

When: Saturday, May 14, at 1:00 PM

Where: Downtown Los Angeles, exact location TBD

350 Event Website: Break Free — Los Angeles

Official Facebook Page


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This march is the first of its kind – not only are we uniting as Californians to demand change at home, but also as part of a massive global movement and week of action to end the age of fossil fuels.

California is on the frontlines of the climate crisis and is devastated by the impacts of extraction everyday. More than 5 million Californians live within a mile of a fossil fuel extraction site and nearly 13,000 people have completely run out of water during this drought.2

We’ve already exposed the failed leadership of our elected officials to protect our citizens and put pressure on everyone from Governor Brown to city council members who are not moving quickly enough to ban dangerous drilling. The March to Break Free will be another step to show our collective force to keep fossil fuels in the ground and protect our communities.

We’re providing buses and organizing ride shares to bring people from across the state to the March. Sign up for info about the action route, art builds, volunteering, and more.

This is our chance to stand together and show that our health, our communities, and our climate are more important than the profits of a shameful industry.

1 U.S. Energy Information Administration Rankings: Crude Oil Production
2 Drilling in California: Who’s at risk?; Community Water Center