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Designing Architecture and Landscapes with Nature’s Ecological Wisdom – Ep. 191

We can revolutionize architecture by emulating Nature’s genius. Ecological Architect Carl Welty joined EcoJustice Radio to discuss how we can learn from ancient cities oriented to the sun, wind, and water flow, heating and cooling without machines. In fact, we can solve many of our climate and environmental problems through Nature-based, Ecological Design. READ MORE
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We Are Still Here: Connecting Community with Indigenous Cuisine – Ep.190

Founder of the educational, community outreach non-profit Wild Bearies, and Indigenous chef Elena Terry joins us to share from her Ho-Chunk lineage and how Native foods are a sacred means to heal, educate and mentor future generations in the preservation of culture and life itself.

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Reclaiming the Outdoors: Healing Communities of Color Through Stories and Adventures – Ep. 189

Chad Brown is founder and president of Love Is King and Soul River Inc. He is an accomplished documentary-style portrait and adventure photographer [], creative director, film maker [], and conservationist. He is a veteran of the US Navy. Chad’s current work focuses on outdoor adventure travel and documenting threatened wild spaces. He connects the public to endangered areas by showing the true spirit of the people of these lands.

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Wild Hope: A Documentary Vision for Conservation Storytelling – Ep. 188

Some have argued that storytelling is a sort of climate action. We spoke with Jared Lipworth, Executive Producer of a new documentary series called Wild Hope, available on the web and on PBS, based on Andrew Balmford’s book of the same name. It endeavors to tell the stories of ordinary people leading a collaborative environmental and social recovery in the face of extinctions, superstorms, and climate tipping points.

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Indigenous Regenerative Intelligence: A Navajo Perspective – Ep. 187

Native cosmology connects us to the land to work with the environment from a place of sensitivity, cooperation and understanding from the heart. James Skeet, Executive Director of Covenant Pathways and Spirit Farm, joins us to share from his Navajo (Diné) perspective from his own Indigenous Regenerative Intelligence.

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The Ahupua’a System of Hawai’i: Serving the Lands and Waters – Ep. 186

Kumu Mikilani Young, Co-Founder of the nonprofits, United Pillars of Aloha and Kaiapuni Ho’ola Piha Sanctuary, shares the essence of the Ahupua’a system as a global example that honors the interconnectedness of the land, waters, clouds and all living things. In the aftermath of the disastrous fires on Maui, this is an important testament to how to rebuild the homes and businesses lost without losing sight of the importance of relations between the waters, ecosystems, and climate.

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Offshore Fish Farming: Profiting Off Environment, Public Health, & Local Economies – Ep. 185

Andrianna Natsoulas from the Don’t Cage Our Oceans coalition campaign, says no to industrial fin fish farms, while advocating for community-centered seafood supply chains. We talk about the impacts to public health and the environment from these massive open net-pens. She also advocates for the alternatives: sustainably managed wild-caught seafood and aquaculture fish farming practices that are embedded in social, economic, and environmental values.

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Wheat Belly, Restoring Gut Microbiomes, and Planetary Health – Ep. 184

Our guest in this show, Dr. William Davis, Cardiologist and Author of the books Wheat Belly, Undoctored, and Super Gut, exposes the problem with our wheat addiction and has connected the dots between gut health and common modern ailments and complaints. He observed over 80% of the people in his cardiology medical practice were pre-diabetic or diabetic. In an effort to reduce blood sugars, he had patients remove all wheat products from their diet based on the simple fact that foods made of wheat flour raise blood sugar higher than nearly all other foods. READ MORE

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Feeding Tomorrow: Transforming the Future of Food with Oliver English – Ep. 183

The upcoming documentary ‘Feeding Tomorrow’ explores the intersection between the food we eat, our personal and community health, and protection and regeneration of ecosystems.
In this week’s interview, Oliver English, Co-Founder & CEO of Common Table Creative and Filmmaker, Chef, and Food Advocate, shares the stories of visionary leaders in agriculture, healthcare, and education working to build a more just food system in their local communities – giving rise to a new global vision for Feeding Tomorrow.

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Do We Need Environmental Permitting Reform for Climate and Housing Projects? Ep. 182

We discuss the impact of the reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act (called NEPA) in the debt ceiling bill. This law requires federal agencies to assess the potential environmental effects of development projects, public works, and other major government actions.
The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is an environmental and public health bill of rights that is like NEPA for Californians. This should be the law of the land in all 50 states, but that is not happening. And multiple chamber of commerce, business, and development interests now want to weaken these laws as well. We discuss these issues with two community activists from Southern California. Host Jack Eidt talks with Gloria Sefton, Vice President of Orange County California’s Friends of Harbors Beaches and Parks, and Conner Everts, Executive Director of the Southern California Watershed Alliance and Co-Chair of the Desal Response Group.


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