Rally at Santa Monica Pier to Stop Offshore Drilling Insanity – February 3

Stop offshore drilling, Los AngelesTake a stand against Trump/Zinke’s plan to dramatically increase offshore drilling in Southern California and nearly all U.S. coastal waters. JOIN US at a rally on Santa Monica Pier on February 3rd at 10 AM to send a clear message: Californians DO NOT want new offshore oil and gas drilling.

When: 3 February 2018 10AM to 12Noon

Where: Santa Monica Pier (north – or west – side), Santa Monica, CA 90401

RSVP: http://bit.ly/NoOffshoreDrillingLAFeb3

In the words of legendary coastal activist Richard Charter: “The California Coast has never been a partisan issue, but that rather, over the course of the past forty years, both Republican and Democratic elected officials have worked tirelessly to protect our coast and our fisheries from offshore oil pollution and the resulting toxic impacts. We need to seriously fight back at every legitimate level of public policy and in the Courts.”

L.A. Residents, Get to Know Your Local Oil Drilling Site

End Neighborhood Drilling - Protest with STAND LA

For years, STAND-LA has been voicing community concerns about the clear health and safety threat of neighborhood drilling to Angelenos. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health finally admits these risks are real in a recent report. See how residents in these communities bear the brunt of these costs, and how city and county leaders […]


Report: A Pathway for L.A. to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030

Renewable Energy for Los Angeles

Our friends at Food and Water Watch recently released a study on how Los Angeles can transition to 100% renewable energy in just over the next decade. A Pathway to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030, prepared by energy consulting firm Synapse, shows that L.A.’s municipal power utility can get off fossil fuels by investing in energy […]


SoCal Communities Unite in Day of Action Against Drilling

Maxine Waters - Protect the Pacific

When the Department of Interior released an offshore leasing plan threatening California’s $42 billion ocean economy and 400,000 jobs in tourism, recreation and fishing, it was the first proposal opening shores to new oil and gas drilling in two decades. The Trump administration’s proposal has been met with unyielding opposition, and a striking 69% of Californians oppose […]


Los Angeles is Complicit in Amazon Oil Drilling Destruction

Ecuador, Chevron, oil drilling

Is driving your car in LA destroying the Amazon rainforest? Did you know a major destination for processing Amazon crude is the Chevron Refinery in El Segundo? Listen to the interview with Amazon Watch and find out how to take action against this triple carbon impact.   Every day multinational oil companies extract over 9 […]


Clean Energy for Glendale

  Glendale’s electric utility, Glendale Water & Power (GWP), is proposing to “re-power” its fossil fuel power plant known as Grayson. The $500 million project would involve replacing old gas turbines with new equipment – but in the process expanding capacity well beyond what is needed to power Glendale in hopes of selling excess power to other […]