Governor Brown wants to build two tunnels to bring water from the Sacramento delta down to industrial farming in the Central Valley. So Cal would foot the bill, but not receive the water. It will be potentially disastrous for the San Francisco bay-Sacramento delta estuaries. It is sometimes erroneously called the CA Water Fix. Environmentalists are very much opposed to this project. Governor Brown is throwing all his weight into getting this project built. The voters will have no chance to vote on the issue.

Take Action:

  1. Join Food & Water Watch’s California team to fight for an overhaul of the state’s water management systems, to ensure Californians – not corporations – have the water they need.
  2. Write a letter to Governor Jerry Brown and the CA Dept. of Water Resources, expressing your concerns about the “Twin Tunnels”.
  3. Join us at a SoCal350 meeting to stay on top of recent developments on this issue.

Water for California’s most powerful corporate agribusinesses and oil companies