During these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to protect our planet and advocate for global economic equality. While it can be challenging to look beyond daily updates and information regarding coronavirus, consider taking a few moments to explore the topics below. The need for public discourse to address our climate emergency continues! Stay informed and stay passionate.

1. Record Temperatures in April due to Global Warming

Did you know April 2020 tied for the warmest on record?? While COVID-19 shutdowns have reduced fossil fuel usage and the number of cars on the road and planes in the sky, the planet is still in the midst of a climate emergency and remains highly susceptible to natural disasters associated with extreme temperatures. A global effort and on-going push toward clean, renewable energy resources is more crucial than ever before.

2. Michael Moore’s Latest Documentary “Planet of the Humans” Undermines Fight for Renewable Energy

On April 21, documentarian Michael Moore, known for films like Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, released a new movie entitled Planet of the Humans. Upon its release, the documentary instantly received backlash from the scientific community and climate advocacy groups for its negative and inaccurate depiction of the green movement. This dangerous piece of “journalism” calls current climate advocacy hypocritical, amongst other things.

Yale Climate Connections put it best when they said the film offered “outdated and wildly misleading information on renewable energy sacrificing progress in pursuit of unachievable perfection.” This documentary allows climate change deniers the opportunity to gain purchase. As a climate activist, do your part to inform friends, neighbors, and loved ones on the reality of the situation and discourage turning to this poor portrayal of the green movement as a cornerstone.

3. Fossil Fuel Industry Seeks Government Bail-Outs

As families and businesses nationwide struggle with the health and economic implications of stay at home orders and the coronavirus pandemic, the fossil fuel industry is angling for major bailouts from President Trump and the federal government. Taxpayer money should not funnel into the hands of CEOs and fossil fuel companies. It should go to workers, small businesses, and citizens in need!

Sign a Greenpeace petition here to voice your dissent and learn more about this issue and how to prevent this bailout HERE.

4. Meat Processing Plants Hit Hard By Coronavirus


According to USA Today, nearly 10,000 meatpacking workers across 170 plants and 29 states have tested positive for coronavirus. At this time, nearly 45 individuals who work in meat processing have died as a result of COVID-19. These staggering numbers have led to multiple plant closures as the nature of processing meat requires workers to stay in tight proximity to one another. Unfortunately, due to meat shortages, President Trump triggered an executive order to keep plants open and processing. In line with this order, the U.S. Department of Agriculture warned of “further action” should these shuttered plants fail to re-open.

As a result of meat shortages, the fast-food chain Wendy’s had locations unable to offer hamburgers to customers. While meat becomes temporarily less abundant, the big question is – do we protect our fellow citizens… these hard-working individuals who make a living in meat processing plants or not?

Produce and other grocery store essentials remain widely available. A vegetarian diet is healthy and can reduce the risk of certain diseases. The meat industry negatively impacts our environment and increases carbon pollution. And now, the processing system is a health risk to workers. Let’s encourage our neighbors to find vegetarian substitutions for the time being.