SoCal 350’s members are bonded in our pursuit of a stable climate and a fossil-fuel-free future. In line with this mission, a pillar of our organization has always been social justice. In the wake of protests against police brutality and anti-black racism, we recognize the multitude of ways in which the fight for racial and climate justice are deeply intertwined and interrelated. Immediate action is a must. Doing our part to dismantle white supremacy is a must. Here are a few steps you can take to act in solidarity with the black community.

5 Ways to Take Action Against Police Brutality & Show Up for Black Lives

1. Take the Allyship Pledge

2. Donate to Bail Funds

3. Read’s Guide to Showing Up for Black Lives (for White & Non-Black Allies)

4. Participate in these Actions

5. Learn About Police Abolition 


Want to know more about the Movement for Black Lives?

Click HERE to dive into the movement and find ways to participate in actions that match your abilities and comfort level.

Show your support in the following ways: 

Respect Protestors

  • Tweet @realDonaldTrump demanding an end to his criminalizing and threatening language
  • Deliver supplies and donate to support protestors
  • Join protests if you are able to safely
  • Create posters & signs and leave them at police stations
  • Donate to bail funds.

Invest – Divest

  • Tweet and speak at local meetings to ask for divestment from local police
  • Speak with loved ones about why it’s important to defund the police
  • Phone bank to put pressure on targets one at a time
  • Protest at the homes of people who manage police contracts.

Address COVID-19

  • Hold an online meeting about ways to facilitate self-governance
  • Engage in political education around community control
  • Car caravan to public officials’ homes demanding community control over problematic policies and public institutions.

Community Control

  • Donate to those impacted by state-sanctioned violence by supporting their GoFundMe sites
  • Contribute to mutual aid
  • Virtually target congressional leaders to move another stimulus package with clear material benefits for black people
  • Offer rides or a car to support local protest tactics.

End the War on Black People

  • Make noise and let people know you care
  • Use #BlackLivesMatter
  • Organize a Twitter storm
  • Organize a march in your area
  • Plan a banner drop