The LA Planning Commission is re-hearing the Centennial proposal – a new sprawling mega-development. The commission has raised troubling questions about the project’s impact on water, climate and affordable housing that the developers couldn’t answer. We have a rare opportunity right now to stop this development before it ever gets going — a site with no affordable housing, designated high risk for wildfires and earthquakes, and set to generate unprecedented traffic, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from over 75,000 new vehicle trips per dayBelow, see the powerful statement from Lydia Ponce, director of the grassroots advocacy group Idle No More and the assistant director of the So Cal American Indian Movement (AIM), at the July 11 Planning Commission meeting.  
Ignite Change - Don't pave this paradise for Centennial

Antelope Valley 


Bald Eagle 

Kit foxes


Mountain lions 


Bob cats

California condor – knows no borders and this migratory bird is my direct relative – I am of the condor tribe Mayo Sinaloa Mexico.  

The winged, four legged, finned and creepy crawlers they are all our relatives. 


The State of California Coastal Commission denied a permit at Banning Ranch because of our relative the Burrowing Owls take residence there – and at Tehono Ranch, it’s a protected species as is the bald eagle. This project is not affordable for them. 


Affordable housing for whom?

Extremely low, 

Low and moderate incomes? 


How will the county acquire a list to draw names for a lottery for this housing? 

Is it like for like? 

Homes for upper income to lower income will be provided the same granite marble counter tops? Washer and dryer? Parking? If it’s not in writing it doesn’t exist — 

Do not approve this project as it further diminishes the lives of people in poverty.   

I recommend you deny this permit and deny the project. 

If it’s the big tax revenue you are all about then continue this process as the developers and investors wiggle in their seats with anticipation. Please order them to work with the community. 

Jobs are temporary…. employees drive a great distance to work at projects as such. 


We need to take more time to reduce this project significantly in size – reduce this in carbon footprint as our winged and four legged relatives require and are more than deserving to be honored, defended and protected. 


When will developers and investors learn they can’t control nature and redirect it – no matter how well your plans are written?

I don’t believe their phasing – I don’t believe their future plans typically made of empty promises on paper – our lives are now …. 

deny the project. 


All our children are deserving of 

Green spaces 


Green paper money profits

Sign on to this letter from the Center for Biological Diversity to Stop the Centennial City-sized Sprawl in L.A. County, and join us at the next Planning Commission meeting August 29, 2018 to #StopCentennial and Protect Tejon Ranch.