Earth Week has come to an end, but the need for activism and the spread of factual information regarding climate change and the organizations negatively impacting our planet continues.

Thursday, April 23rd was officially deemed “Divest Day.” Climate activists across the globe took to social media to show their dissent against Chase Bank and other financial institutions funding the fossil fuel industry and deforestation.

Under the hashtags #stopthemoneypipeline and #peoplenotpolluters, we saw activists of all ages and backgrounds using their collective voices to share information.

Here are a few posts that inspired us. We hope seeing like-minded individuals across the world use their creativity and social platforms to enact change will inspire you too!

For more information on these critical actions and what you can do to get involved, click HERE and HERE.

1. @lizwikstrom challenges friends and neighbors to bank elsewhere!















2. @zaara.asnani wants to know how much money Chase intends to make off a DEAD planet.

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JPMorgan Chase is the largest funder of fossil fuels ☠️🔥 Since the Paris Agreement, Chase has funded over $268 billion to the fossil fuel industry. Join our social media storm to demand #DivestChase now! . Make an Instagram post using one of our graphics or take a picture with a homemade sign. Write a caption about why you want Chase to divest, or use one of our samples below. . Tag @Chase, @xryouthus, and your local group(s) Use the hashtags #DivestChase, #ChaseTheMoneyOut, #StopTheMoneyPipeline, #PollutersOut, #EndFossilFinance, #DefundFossilFuels, #DefundClimateChange, #ClimateStrike, #DigitalStrike, #PeopleOverProfit, and #ClimateStrikeOnline #earthweek #earthday #earthdayeveryday Challenge 3 friends to make a post about Chase! . I challenge @leo_gone_batty @ida.landecker @pilotaheart

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3. @wildethymebaltimore’s inspiring artwork #stopthemoneypipeline

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I have felt isolated and overwhelmed at the arrival of Earth Week during this time. I often feel overwhelmed at how to take on and incorporate the pressing issues of Climate Change, while remaining focused on the social justice issues I feel most skilled in (re:food justice). I reached out to a dear friend who centers the work of Climate Change in her day-to-day life to ask what ways I could be involved remotely. Here were her suggestions: ● Share an image from the Earth Week NYC toolkit with information like: One of the root causes of the climate crisis? Wall Street’s financing of fossil fuels. Big banks such as JP Morgan Chase, insurance companies such as Liberty Mutual, asset managers and institutional investors such as BlackRock are pumping *trillions* of dollars into fossil fuels and deforestation. That money is what keeps the fossil fuel industry alive – if we stop the flow of money – we can stop the flow of oil. ● Send a message to Black Rock via ● Call wall street CEO via ●Share how you’re reducing your footprint ●Use these #hashtags #StopTheMoneyPipeline #EndFossilFinance #DefundFossilFuels #DefundClimateChange #BLKBigProblem #InsureOurFuture #ShutDownChase Bailout/Stimulus #PeopleNotPolluters #BailOutThePeople Climate #Finance #ClimateRisk #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis

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4. @misstriplecrown20ny uses her body to share her message – no pipelines!














5. @xrdws knows – Wall Street is financing climate and ecological destruction. 

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Wall Street 🏦 is financing climate and ecological destruction. Banks. Insurance Companies. Asset managers. Institutional investors. The financial sector is funding, insuring and investing in the climate and ecological crisis. Stopping this money pipeline 💰is one of the most important ways we can address the climate and ecological emergency. 🌎🌍🌏 We demand that banks (@jpmorgan @chase) asset managers (@blackrock), insurance companies (@libertymutual) and institutional investors stop 🛑 funding, insuring and investing in climate destruction 🔥 Share on social media, or in person. Spread the word. 🗣 ✊🏽✊🏻✊🏾✊✊🏿 Learn more and take action @xr_nyc or #️⃣#️⃣#️⃣ #stopthemoneypipeline #endfossilfinance #defundfossilfuels #defundclimatechange #climatecrisis #actnow #tellthetruth #earthweeknyc #earthweek2020 #demandafuture #anotherworldispossible #xrnyc #extinctionrebellion

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6. @azaalien lets Chase Bank know they’re in trouble. 














7. @sunrisesequoyah shares their negative Yelp review of Chase Bank


8. @emilysyal decided to leave Chase bank due to their funding of the fossil fuel industry.














9. And of course, let’s not forget @JaneFonda cutting to the chase via @yearsofliving

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2020 is the year we go after those financing the destruction of our planet. The best way to do that is to cut up your Chase ATM card right now. ✂️💳⁠ ⁠ Follow @janefonda's example and film yourself doing it, 📹then be sure to share on social media and tag @chase. To find out how to join a better bank, search, or just go to #linkinbio. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ @rainforestactionnetwork @sierraclub @greenpeace⁠ #YEARSproject #StopTheMoneyPipeline⁠ #Divest #EarthDay #EndFossilFinance #ClimateStrikes⁠ #fridaysforfuture #TellTheTruth #HowDareYou #ClimateEmergency #ClimateBreakdown⁠ #ClimateDisruption #ClimateCrisis #EcologicalBreakdown⁠ #ClimateJustice #ThereIsNoPlanetB #StopClimateScienceDenial⁠ ⁠

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