In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to adjust our habits in the name of health and safety. With indoor restaurants, movie theatres, sports arenas, and concert venues shut down, finding engaging programming to watch at home is a must to entertain children and adults alike.

When you’re looking for inspiring, captivating tv shows, documentaries, and movies that educate audiences on climate-related issues, consider watching one of the following pieces of content. You’ll walk away with fresh perspectives, new information, and most importantly – the drive to continue your own efforts to act sustainably and promote climate advocacy within your community.

5 Climate-Related Programs to Stream

1. Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Zac Efron made a name for himself with Disney’s High School Musical franchise and by starring in hit films like Hairspray, The Greatest Showman, and Neighbors, but in recent years his focus has shifted to protecting mother earth. His status as a full-fledged climate justice warrior is officially on display.

In his new travel series for Netflix entitled Down to Earth with Zac Efron, this celebrity and his health guru, Darin Olien, travel the world searching for health, wellness, and sustainability. From trash cleanups in London to visiting clean energy plants in Iceland and exploring water filtration systems in Paris, this TV series brings clean energy, the dangers of single-use plastic, and the devastating impact of climate change to a new audience.

2. Our Planet

With stunning imagery that celebrates the beauty and splendor of the plants and animals that inhabit our world as well as the looming dangers we face, Our Planet is a visually stimulating and truly compelling series.

If you were a fan of Planet Earth or Blue Planet and you need a visual reminder of the connectivity between all species and why the effort to protect the earth is more critical than ever, this is the show for you.


3. This Changes Everything

Everybody has “that family member” who doesn’t believe climate change is real or a critical issue. This individual in your life is the ideal candidate to watch the documentary This Changes Everything. There’s a deep sense of urgency to this film as it exposes harsh and troubling realities. It’s tempting to look away, but we encourage you to continue watching even when it’s difficult to stare down the truth!

4. A Plastic Ocean

A Plastic Ocean is an adventure documentary that spans 20 locations over the course of 4 years to better understand the consequences of plastic pollution on the ocean.

A team of ocean lovers traversed the globe to unpack the dangers of single-use plastic and the impact of our wasteful habits on the environment. Troubling visuals and shocking statistics are juxtaposed with messages of hope and ways we can change today in order to restore a sense of balance and protect sea creatures in the future.

5. Okja

Before winning the Best Picture Oscar for Parasite, visionary director Bong Joon Ho released the Netflix film Okja in 2017 starring Hollywood heavy hitters Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

This fictional live-action story tells the tale of a young girl whose best friend, a “super pig,” is stolen by a powerful corporation hoping to turn the animal into the latest genetically modified meat phenomenon. While entertaining and heartfelt, the film raises important questions about the meat industry, its impact on the environment, and what exactly we’re putting on our plates.